…No not that Larry King Most Of Us Know

But Larry L. King, 83, a writer and playwright who wrote the hit musical “The Best Little Whore

House In Texas”. He suffered from emphysema and died at a retirement home in Washington D.C.

The funny things is that, many twitter followers thought the more famous Larry King from

CNN had died.

People started tweeting their condolences.

One twitter user wrote “R.I.P Larry King, not just CNN viewers will miss you”

A next user tweeted at Larry King’s account “Hearing a rumor that you’re

dead. Are you dead?”

This led to Larry King himself clarifying the confusion on twitter


Well i guess i have to tell everybody i told the Larry King dead story that it

wasn’t true, before they make a fool of themselves and tell other people. lol


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tebow and ryan
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow apparently will ask to be traded or even released after the season ends.

The move is anticipated if third string quarterback Greg McElroy starts the last two games of the season for the Jets, for the fallen Mark Sanchez whose job security appears to be spiraling down with frustrating stats and a turn over filled game against the Titans.

Death Threats

man wit cell phone
Mark Sanchez’s performance in the last game made a crazed fan took to twitter saying. “Don’t come to practice Wednesday I promise you bullets everywhere,” The person, whose twitter account has been removed, also addressed the Jets, “Sanchez better have armed security at practice!! You think imma sit here and watch this bull****?”

McElroy, a second year pro, was handed the starting position for this Sunday’s game against the Chargers after Mark Sanchez made five turnovers in a 14-10 loss at the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. Rex Ryan’s decision to opt for McElroy to start the next game has some people including Tebow scratching their heads, being that Tim would seem to be the next option to start after benching Sanchez.
Rex Ryan’s stated “I can answer this question a million ways — frontward, backward, sideways, anything else. It’s my decision and I based it on a gut feeling or whatever.”

Tebow was acquired in an off-season deal with the Denver Broncos right after they signed quarterback Peyton Manning. The Jets indicated at that time they intended to make Tebow an important part of the offense, however he has played occasionally this season behind incumbent Sanchez, who started the first 14 games.

The past Heisman Trophy recipient has played in 11 games this season — sidelined 3 games with broken ribs — and has completed 6 of 8 passes for 39 yards. He has also rushed for 32 times for 102 yards.

Tebow’s addition prompted to attract a large number of media members to the Jets’ training camp and frequently was considered a distraction for Sanchez. Well with Sanchez benched and tebow wants to leave the jets camp seems to be in trouble right now.

shocking vid


Swedish Officials Investigating The Ghostly Site of The Soviet Sub Found

Some civilian scuba divers who chose to explore the Swedish section of the Baltic Sea have have just accidentally discovered the ruin of a submarine.

The military service have taken immediate action and launched investigations, the verdict was that the submarine onced belong to the Soviet forces, and that it presumably sank in 1941.

The ruin is fractured in two, and its precise position is south-east of the small island of Öland.

The S-6 sub disappeared off the map at the time of World War II, and observing just how it vanished in an area mined by German forces, it is figured that an encounter with such a mine was exactly what caused it to go down. Evidently, the submarine was simply on patrol at the time it got struck.

Story of Soviet Sub Found

“In the autumn of 1941 a number of Russian submarines departed their home bases to patrol the Baltic Sea. A number of them never came back. One has now been located, destroyed into large pieces, southeast of Öland,” reads a statement released the Swedish Armed Forces this past Monday.

Elaborating on the find of the wreck, a spokesperson for the military services constructed a case of how, “There is much to indicate that the submarine headed straight into the minefield while on the surface and was blow apart by a mine.”

The military arrived at this conclusion after observing that the submarine’s hatches were wide open, suggesting it must have been floating at the water’s surface at the time the explosion or perhaps the attack that caused it to go down occurred.

Sources report that the region where this Soviet submarine was discovered is at this point to be regarded a war grave. In addition to this, the Russian people were informed and soon enough a memorial service is going to be organized at this location.

This is not the first Soviet sub found dating right back to World War II discovered in Swedish water. Hence, a few others are already located throughout the years

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In a horrific tragedy that has gripped Connecticut, the U.S and the whole world. Where a gunman, officially identified as Adam Lanza, 20, went on a killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, ending 27 lives including his own on friday morning.

A heroic story of a teacher named Victoria Soto, 27, has emerged. She was one of the three teachers that lost their lives in this tragic event. Its reported that when shots were heard, she quickly hid her children in the classroom closets. When Lanza came in her classroom she told him all her students were gone to the gym. He then shot and killed her on the spot and moved on. All her students lives were spared because of her brave act.She will always be remembered as a hero to everybody especially the children she saved.

Police officials up to this point are still in investigations and motive of the killings is still unknown. However, Investigators have been told that Adam Lanza had an altercation with four adults at the school on Thursday, but nature of the altercation is still unclear. Other reports also showed where he was trying to purchase guns earlier in the week.

All the children he killed were between ages 6 and 7 years old. And all were shot more than once according to H. Wayne carver ii, chief medical examiner for the state of Connecticut. He quotes ” I’ve been at this for a third of a century. My sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst i have seen or the worst that i know of any of any of my colleagues have seen.”

More information will be released as investigation continues. The Connecticut state police is combing thru every ‘crack and crevice’ of the school.

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